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Trustlaf is a dynamic healthcare organization driven by compassion, innovation, and commitment. We offer high-quality, affordable care through cutting-edge solutions, building trust, and personalized healthcare plans. Join us for a transformative healthcare experience prioritizing your well-being.


GlobeLefa is a payment system company that provides fast, secure, and convenient payment solutions to businesses and individuals worldwide. With a user-friendly platform, focus on security, and commitment to sustainability, they aim to revolutionize the way people make payments online.


Geopixel aims to empower clients with comprehensive tools that seamlessly bridge geographical data, enabling them to create profound and actionable insights that drive informed decision making and strategic planning.


Norden is a new tech startup committed to delivering innovative software solutions for businesses. With a focus on agility, creativity, and collaboration, Norden is poised to disrupt the industry and revolutionize the way businesses operate.


Our newly launched company encompasses two exceptional brands, Tekbo and Petbo, each catering to distinct aspects of your lifestyle. Tekbo brings you the latest in electronics retail. At Petbo, with our passion for animals, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of pet supplies that cater to their every need.


DirectTalk is a robust messaging app that offers several features and customization options. Its ability to sync across multiple devices and support encrypted messaging makes it a popular choice for users who value privacy and convenience.

We build brands and connect with customers.